Why You Should Contribute to the REALTOR® Action Fund

Support the REALTOR® Action Fund.  RAF is one of the most important services organized in real estate providing representation for REALTORS® in the halls of government.   The REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF) raises money to advance the goals of our REALTOR® political action committees (PACs) at the local, state, and federal levels of government.  RAF supports and/or opposes candidates for elected office who understand, or don’t understand, REALTOR® Issues.

The REALTOR® Action Fund is a vital service for YOU and YOUR business.  Did you know that 30% of your RAF contribution supports local issues that will affect your livelihood?  By contributing to the REALTOR® Action Fund, you are helping to protect private property rights through C.A.R.’s lobbying efforts, and local issues and candidate campaigns.  Your participation will keep this going!  Contributions to the REALTOR® Action Fund have helped you in the following ways:

  • Point of sale mandates that could have cost the homeowner $1000s of dollars reducing their equity or may have even prevented the sale from going through.
  • Direct taxing of REALTOR® commissions and other services related to the transaction.
  • Blocking political candidates who are against building housing and against REALTOR® issues.
  • Fighting for REALTORS® to prevent them from losing their independent contractors status.
  • Got REALTORS® recognized as essential workers and able to receive unemployment benefits.